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رزومه مجموعه مجید ارگانیک CV Majid Niknezhad

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08/08/2023 07:10:24

رزومه مجموعه مجید ارگانیک CV Majid Niknezhad


Organic Farming in Japan

write with Majid Niknezhad 
Majid Niknezhad- Hatam Hatami  - Konagaya2


After discovering and using of chemical fertilizer in 1916 and pesticide and fungicide 1945 and herbicide in 1970, green revolution occurred. Later human got different kind of disease through high application of chemical poison and fertilizer. Organic farming is one of the ways for solving or decreasing this problem. According to statistics, Japan has high amount of chemical application that caused environmental problem and some disease like blue baby. 
Organic farming was started in 1960 at small scale in Japan. In 1985 they faced to some problem because of no organization. First association was established in 1986 by organic farming farmers. This organization couldn’t make condition better than before because of cheating in product. Ministry of agriculture and forestry and fishery for organizing organic products provided a standard in 2000. Through this standard, organic farm and farmer can be recognized.  Nowadays, special farm is provided for teaching farmers, how to produce organic products in Japan. Every organic farmer has special certificate. Participant in this farm learn about (paper also consist of):
 Definition of organic farming – living thing in production cycle – harmful effect of traditional farming – difference between organic and inorganic products and their characteristics – recognizing of soil color and texture from organic viewpoint – compost making through aerobic and anaerobic method – formulation of nutrient elements for compost making – pest and disease control by organic materials like wooden vinegar and  Neem – Mix cropping – rotation and …… 
According to facilities and natural resources in IRAN we can start organized organic farming and experience of some countries like Japan can help us in this way.
 Haraze Agricultural Human Resources Development Center tries to facilitate this job and also did some experiment. 


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